Say no to Bill 10

Say no to Bill 10

Parliament is a creature of the constitution. It cannot be allowed to create and change itself at will. That would make Parliament a creature of the ruling party whose members could change the constitution via a simple majority vote. Allowing Parliament to easily change its own makeup would also make elections academic*.

Say no to Bill 10.

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    Chisha Banda 3 weeks ago

    If PF was a individual human being. I would have declared him or her unfit to participate in running the affairs of a democratic country. I would also declare him or her insane.

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    Ngoma Yamaano 3 weeks ago

    Bill 10 must be rejected as it seeks to give powers to the ruling party to decide how many MPs it can appoint through backdoors as well as how many constituencies the ruling party can establish without seeking approval of two thirds of MPs as required to amend these provisions in the constitution. Don’t allow a ruling party to unilaterally make such important decisions affecting the democracy and governance of the country. Bill 10 must be stopped as it is the gateway to reintroduction of a one party state dictatorial rule in Zambia.

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    Normal person? Do you think normal people would contract debt and lie about it?

    Can a normal person receive an intelligence report and say it’s a whitchhunt?

    Which normal people would celebrate the reversal of all the positive strides Zambia made in economic growth, good governance, corruption fight, health service employment creation?

    Which normal person would break the law he swore to protect?

    Which normal person would kill another person for political office ( chibulo, Banda, obed ford at the hands of known party members)

    Which normal people will look down on there on account of tribe?

    The list is long…….so don’t be shocked when B10 is  being forced on you!