Scandalous hooligan Masebo panics over Chongwe brutal killings

Scandalous hooligan Masebo panics over Chongwe brutal killings

maseboTourism  and Arts minister Sylvia Masebo’s hands are blood stained and she is panicking over the shooting to death by soldiers, of two citizens in Kampasa area over their land which she has been interested in since time immemorial in connivance with PF cadre, chieftainess Nkomeshya Mukamambo of Chongwe.

An impeccable source who is also a close ally to Masebo has unveiled Masebo’s scandalous behaviour which dates back to the Kaunda era and has told the Watchdog that tonight, Masebo has paraded a man to denounce UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema on ZNBC TV.

Masebo, during the Kaunda days together with her then husband Dick Masebo who she ditched after flirting with PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba, a relationship which also produced a mentally retarded son who the couple imposed as Zambia’s deputy Ambassador to Japan but was recalled after his moronic behaviour embarrassed dictator president  Michael Sata during one of his visits, was involved in a racket where vehicles, mostly Mercedes Benz were stolen from South Africa and resold in Zambia and some neighbouring countries. She was questioned by some security wings but survived.

Masebo’s desire to hold on to Chongwe constituency hinges on her appetite for the land in dispute. Here is a word for word verbatim of the Watchdog interview with our source, who has promised to unveil more on Masebo’s scandalous life.

WD: You have told me that Masebo is guilty over the killings and has led a scandalous life, shed more light.
Source: Masebo was sponsoring car thieves from South Africa and they were finding market for the vehicles in Zambia together with her husband a Mr. Masebo, you remember at that time the relationship between Zambia and apartheid South Africa was sour, so it was not easy for the two states to coopearate on security matters, vehicles used to come through Zimbabwe where she still has relatives.
WD: What about the Kampasa killings?
Source: Masebo’s hands are stained  with blood, she is behind all those shootings in that land, Masebo wants the land so that together with other PF thugs they can share it. At first she lied that the land belonged to Galaunia but there were no land acquisition documents in the Lusaka city council over that land and people have settled in that land for many years. ZNS are just being used as a front, other wise it is not even ZNS land now, as soon as they relocate the indigenous settlers, they are going to share the land like they did for Meanwood area, where Meanwood also built a house each for her and chieftainess Nkomeshya.
The shootings were done at her influence and in a desperate PR exercise, tonight they have planned to parade a man by the name of Derrick Nyirongo to appear on TV to denounce Mr. HH and accuse him of having influenced them to resist the forced relocation by soldiers.Derrick will accuse Mr. HH of having paid them to cause confusion, but Mr. HH is innocent in the matter and was only sympathetic to victims. Derrick was abducted by ZNS soldiers at the instruction of Masebo, detained over night and threatened with death  if he refuses to make a statement on ZNBC, which must have been recorded and editted to suit them.
WD: The minister sounds scandalous, anything more about her?
Source: She is wicked! This woman has no morals and that is why she wants to be on the side of any ruling party so that her wickedness is shielded, look at the ZAWA tribunal which has been suppressed. Masebo was also involved in the procurement of the many hearses when she served as local government minister and even Michael Sata condemned her on the deal which cost the MMD government a lot of money.
WD: Thank you so much for this rich information, anything else You can tell us?
Source: For now…. this is it but there is more I will unveil about her, I actually know a lot about her, from flirting with men to cirminal activities.
WD: Ok thank you so much once again, feel free to approach us anytime you have something.
Source: Thank you sir.

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