Scared Lungu removes army officers from streets

Edgar Lungu has quietly removed army officers from Lusaka streets for fear of unintended, unknown consequences. He does not trust the army.

According to people close to the operation, only ZAF officers have remained on the streets. Intelligence reports indicate that army offices were separated and removed from the street just after two weeks of the operation.

Lungu deployed soldiers to enforce a curfew that was imposed during the cholera outbreak last December.

Intelligence reports say Lungu does not trust the Zambian army and has thus ordered them to return to the bases but has kept Zaf officers led by his fellow kleptomaniac Eric Chimese.

While the Zambian army has remained a professional defence force , Chimese and Lungu are turning ZAF into a PF security wing.


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    Jahu 2 weeks

    This kind of reporting is just sad and intended to flame civil strife.

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    Atleast Sulu know n understand dat corruption is a bad thing 2 b involved into dan u de educated who know hw to spell de word corruption n induge in it at de same time,u corrupt n foolish thieves who stink innocent peoples blood u hv killed through yo corrupt activites by way of buying expared medicines in clinics n hospitals,ova pricing fire trucks $1m each instead of $300-400.000 each,ova pricing roads tenders,ova pricing Toyota landcruisercAmbulances at $288,000 each instead of $60-70.000 each,stink triblism dat evrytime u talk bad of tonga people,Agriculture in shambes everything in shambles wat a government

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    jazzy 2 weeks

    Sulu or Silu its not COLLUPTION but CORRUPTION”””’

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    jazzy 2 weeks

    Sulu pliz are yu Tonga to mispell corruption as COLLUPTION””””’

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      And why the hell would you think that he/she is Tonga? Shallow minded….

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    Break News 2 weeks

    Was Tsvangirai really poisoned?
    By Farai D Hove| MDC members have begun putting pressure on the G40 faction to leak details on who it is who allegedly poisoned their leader Morgan Tsvangirai.
    Party members claim that Tsvangirai currently battling cancer was in fact poisoned during the time when he used to drink tea with Robert Mugabe.
    The G40 faction now called the New Patriotic Front, has threatened to embarrass the new Mnangagwa led government, after it also offloaded records with names of people they alleged are the ones who abducted activist Itai Dzamara in 2015.
    The demands were made last night for the 50 plus ZANU PF officials who fled the gun during the November coup last year to speak out.
    “Chitaurai now tell us who poisoned Tsvangirai,” Jon Shoko fired into Prof Moyo last night.
    On the 20th Nov last year, it was revealed that a total 50 MPs and Zanu-PF officials fled the country with former Higher Education Minister, Prof Jonathan Moyo. The tweet mentions Patrick Zhuwao, Saviour Kasukuwere, Makhosini Hlongwane and Paddy Zhanda and the others.
    The tweet read, “In these difficult and trying times that have been thrust upon our country, I wish to advise concerned family and friends that I’m relatively fine outside the country as are ministers Kasukuwere, Zhuwao, Hlongwane, Zhanda plus at least 50 others who include MPs and Zanu-PF officials!”
    Zimbabweans are now baying around Prof Jonathan Moyo’s Twitter account hoping for the moment when or if he will release the details which might solve the mystery surrounding Tsvangirai’s ailment

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    Sulu 2 weeks


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      Shoes n socks 2 weeks

      When you fail to spell it brings your whole argument down in flames.

      Stick to typing in vernacular

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    Steve 2 weeks

    Soldiers gone, vendors are slowly treking back into the streets specially in areas such as Chawama where they display their wares in early evenings. With the rains back in full force, the next cholera outbreak will not go away as quickly.