School head arrested for barring pupils to sit for exams

Police in Mazabuka have arrested Chikankata Mission School headteacher, Oscar Mwanza for refusing to obey a court order to allow the Five pupils who were suspended early this term to sit for their final examinations.

Mr Mwanza was picked up by Police on Thursday for contempt of court after he defied the court order saying his school’s decision on the suspended pupils was irreversible.

This prompted Magistrate Exildah Chanda to issue a warrant of arrest of the headteacher for contempt of court who is currently detained at Mazabuka State Prison and would appear in court on Tuesday.

The court order directing the headteacher to allow the pupils follows a certificate of urgency filled in by two parents of the affected pupils seeking the court intervention in the matter.

Some of the suspended pupils’ pafrents, Mr Simon Tembo and Isiah Jiwawa said in their affidavit sworn before Magistrate Exildah Chanda and made available to ZANIS in Mazabuka today contended that, Mr Mwanza suspended their children for more than 14 days without authority from the school board.

They also argued that their children paid examination fees to the Examinations Council of Zambia (ECZ) and cannot be suspended to write the final examinations by the headteacher.

The parents added that if the children are denied an opportunity to write examinations, their future will be affected.

The Parents stated in their affidavit that the heatecher was is under a duty of care to follow orders from from his superiors which he refused to obey.

Meanwhile, ZANIS investigations have established that 12 grade twelve pupils have been expelled and have been barred from writing their final examinations.

One of the Parents, Mr Simon Tembo explained that the pupils were expelled after they were found drinking satchets of ” Tujilijili” at school.

But Mr Tembo argued that while he does not support his son involvement in illicit activities, the headteacher has no powers to expel pupils as that was a prerogative of the minister of education.

The affected pupils have so far missed over three examinations paper.

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