Scores of Lusaka bus drivers arrested, complain to HH over harrassment

Scores of Lusaka bus drivers yesterday afternoon besieged UPND president Hakainde Hichilema at the UPND party secretariat to complain against their colleagues who have been arrested and taken to Chimbokaila over minor traffic offences.

The bus drivers who may stage a strike today complained that traffic police connive with PF cadres to extort money from them and later share it among themselves.

Mr. Hichilema has since provided two lawyers Ms Martha Mushipe from Mushipe Associates and Mr. Chad Muleza of Muleza and company to represent the drivers who will appear in court today.

A number of drivers complained that they were being arrested for what they termed various silly traffic offences but the money goes to PF cadres for their operations.

“The PF promised to abolish traffic road blocks and we voted for them, but now it is even worse,” the bus drivers told Mr. Hichilema.

In addressing drivers, Mr. Hichilema, who was almost leaving for Feira campaign rallies, said he had instructed his lawyers to represent them today but cautioned them against driving careless as that was also endangering them and other road users.

He said it was important that they took extra caution while driving public transport buses in order to reduce on the numerous road accidents that have claimed so many lives in the recent past.

He said it was sad that PF were now extorting money from the poor drivers through corrupt means in order to run the party militia.

Mr. Hichilema said his provision of legal services does not mean they should now be committing offences deliberately stressing that it was also important for traffic officers to follow the law.

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