Several people arrested in Mongu for protesting and attempt to burn Litunga’s palace

Police in Mongu have arrested several people who have been protesting against the declaration of President Lungu as winner of last Thursday’s presidential election.
Police cells are packed with several detainees following demonstrations by enraged Mongu residents opposed to President Lungu who recently told them that he will not be forced to release Barotseland activists currently in prison.
The protesters also attempted to burn down Limulunga Royal Palace because the Litunga is viewed as a PF cadre who has been working against his own people with President Lungu.
‘The people have been fighting since Lungu was declared winner and Limulunga palace has not been spared as they almost burnt it down’ said a source from Mongu.
The PF has lost all its parliamentary seats in the region despite Vice President Inonge Wina’s assurance to President Lungu in the run up to the elections that the PF had support in Barotseland.

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