Scott admits there is rampant corruption under PF

Ceremonial vice president Guy Scott has openly admitted that Zambia is corrupt and needs reformation, but has blamed the vice on the MMD government which was voted out close to two years ago. The PF mouthpiece Post newspaper has reported.

Scott was speaking in Mkushi when he paid a courtesy call on Chief Mulungwe of the Lala people during his campaign trail in Mkushi North, this was after the traditional leader complained that under  the PF regime, rural people were not benefitting and had problems ranging from lack of jobs for the youth, lack of health facilities and schools and poor road inrastructure.

Under the PF regime fertiliser given to farmers under the farmers input support program has been reduced but Scott lied to the traditional leader that his government would want to increase the number of bags given to farmers.

“We want the number of fertiliser bags given to farmers to increase because the ones given are not enough. We need mlore fertiliser bags if we are to reduce the hunger situation among our people,” Said Scott but the move is in total contrast to the PF’s poor agriculture policies which have seen the FISP plan drastically reduced by 25% from what the MMD left it.

The chief also disclosed that the health centres in the area did not have manpower to run the instittutions.

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