Scott avoiding South Africa as Zambians continue living in fear

Scott avoiding South Africa as Zambians continue living in fear

Ceremonial vice-president Guy Scott is said to be avoiding going to or passing through South Africa following his much publicised insults of South Africans.

And Zambians living in South Africa have continued living in fear from the time Scott said South African are backward.

A Zambian living in Cape Town told the Watchdog that ‘we are often asked by our friends  [South Africans] why our vice-president said those thing.’

The Zambian said most South African did not know that Zambia had a white vice president until he hate speech against South Africans were publicised in the media.

He said Zambians in South Africa are now reluctant to disclose their nationalities in front of South Africans.

Another Zambian living in Johannesburg said the immigration at South African borders are now very strict to Zambians unlike in the past. The Zambian, who preferred to be referred to as Muzo, said, nowadays just a simple anomaly on your travel documents in South Africa can land you in trouble.

Muzo said that in the past, if a Zambian overstayed in South Africa for a few days after the expiry of the days he was granted, the immigration would normally just warn him or her or simply overlook that.

But, he said, nowadays if a Zambian overstays for a day or even hours, they are likely to be arrested of fined.

‘At the border, when you have a problem, they used to just say, chipolopolo, why did you over stay? Next time be careful then they let you go just like that. But not now,’ said Muzo.

For his part, Vice-president Guy Scott has seemingly stopped going to or passing through South Africa.

Usually, when he is going to Europe or some other countries like Americas and some countries in Africa, Guy Scott passes through South Africa through a connecting flight in Johannesburg.

But Guy Scott has cut this route most likely for fear of being embarrassed at the airport.

Two weeks ago, Scott was in Lesotho, a country completely surrounded by South Africa.

The cheapest and most reliable way into Lesotho from Zambia is flying to Johannesburg then connecting to Maseru.

The government decided to hire a private jet for Guy Scott to fly direct to Maseru just to avoid South Africa.


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