Scott booed in Mangango, as people demand to see ‘sick’ Sata

Scott booed in Mangango, as people demand to see ‘sick’ Sata

Ceremonial Vice President Guy Scott was yesterday booed by residents of Chikombwe ward in Mangango constituency while his other meetings continued to be shunned after lies that President Michael Sata was in the area..

Satas-LipsLocal people were cheated that President Michael Sata was in the area to address them but soon after the Presidential chopper landed at the venue for the meeting, people started heckling at Scott as he and his team got out to get to the arena. People demanded to see Sata and not mukuwa sianga (foolish whiteman), Scott’s nickname because of his recent useless utterances.

PF sources told the Watchdog that after learning that Sata was not in the area, most adults left the place leaving only children who were busy watching the helicopter while the few adults who remained were heard making running commentaries amid Scott’s speech. Scott’s other flopped meetings were in Namalolwa attended only by six teachers, Namubwe and Kapili.

However, he had a successful meeting at Shabo because of the Zambia National Service scottcamp there and officers and their families were ordered to attend the meeting.

“Knowing that they are not attracting crowds, Hon. Mwaliteta and madam Masebo lied to people that President Sata would be in the area to address them and many people turned up just to have a look at the President whom they hear to be very sick and wanted to see for themselves how he is looking but after learning that it was a lie they left the area and we hear Dr. Scott is annoyed with Mwaliteta and Masebo now,” said the source.

Last week, the UPND challenged PF to bring Sata to come and defend his lies to the people of Western province.

And to continue intimidating the opposition, some UPND cadres have been detained by police and framed with charges of assault and are pushing complainants to give them fabricated statements.

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