Scott calls for peace now that he is ready for convention

Now that his ‘cartel’ is ready for the convention, Guy Scott has called for a cease to hostilities in PF.

Scott said he met PF officials he suspended a few days ago and that ‘ the process to lift their suspensions has reached an advanced stage.’

Scott said he would convene a caucus meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) at statehouse where contentious issues relating to the adoption of the PF candidate will be ironed out.

He emphasised that ‘we are remaining with four days only’ before the general conference so the PF needs to go the convention as a united party.

No present journalist asked Scott whether he would support Edgar Lungu if he trounces his candidate Christine Kaseba.

The truth is that Scott is talking about reconciliation now because he knows that he has done his homework. He is in charge of the list of delegates. Other competitors do not even know who the majority of voters would be. But he has to talk about peace, harmony and unity now so that when his candidate Kaseba is announced on Saturday evening, the likes of Lungu will be forced to campaign for her since they are now at peace.

On Tuesday, Lungu will be expected to attend meetings at state house while; most likely, Kaseba is meeting delegates even now. It means that Lungu will only have three days to run around and meet delegates.

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