Scott, Xavier Chungu’s nephew block deportation of illegal immigrants


Two illegal immigrants working at the Golf Club for Kansanshi Mining Plc in Solwezi were arrested by hard working lmmigration Officers for working without permits on 3rd July 2013. The Club Administrator known as Susan and Daro working as a the Club Manager have both been working illegally without permits. The two have no minimum qualifications for the positions they are holding.

It is very disappointing to learn how one Sunga Chungu, an officer from the Office of the President Special Division in Solwezi, swung into action by alarming the highest office Plot 1 to have the Prohibited immigrants released. Chungu has betrayed the the Zambian people and the gallant immigration officers who want to stamp out corruption by doing what is right. Chungu, who is nephew to the former chief spy Xavier Chungu, seems to be serving some vested interests on behalf of top Government officials who are reportedly on payroll from Kansanshi Mining Pic.

It is very shameful to see how the new Northwestern Regional lmmigration Officer could be commanded to release the two prohibited immigrants in a humiliating manner by the entire Republican Vice President in Dr. Guy Scott. Is it because hecis also white like the two Prohibited Immigrants so he wants to protect his own? Further, the all powerful Winter Kabimba and the whole PF goverment was reportedly involved to have the two prohibited Immigrants released. The two Prohibited Immigrants were released at 22hrs.

Meanwhile, the Regional lmmigration officer for Northwestern was rebuked and disowned for rightly doing his job by his own Director General. More surprisingly, the entire PJOC equally sided with PF and Immigrations Director General in protecting vested interests. There is so much discontent being created by PF maneuvers with senior management at Kansanshi which is continuously disadvantages the Zambians. Many things will start unfolding. This episode has ignited more insight on underhand methods going on resulting into the unholy marriage between Kansanshi and PF.

One senior Manager has told the watchdog on condition of anonymity alleging that Kansanshi Mining Pic is paying back huge sums of money owed to Taiwan on behalf of PF. It is no wonder the Chingola Solwezi road is longer maintained by the mine because the money is being channeled to Taiwan. Watchdog will in a moment too soon provide more details on this interesting sophisticated corruption to expose the ill.

Recently watchdog again exposed the racism going on at Kansanshi. Kansanshi management blocked access to watchdog for a day as a result but realised the danger as it almost caused havoc with the employees. That project has been suspended thanks to watchdog.


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