Scott does not qualify to be veep even under socialist PF, insists lawyer Kunda

MMD chairperson for Legal Affairs George Kunda has revealed that some senior Patriotic Front (PF) officials want Vice-President Guy Scott to vacate office on grounds that his parents were not Zambians.
Mr Kunda has maintained that Dr Scott is constitutionally not qualified to hold the office of the Vice-President because of his parentage.
He said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that the MMD has received overwhelming support from some senior PF members who want Dr Scott to relinquish his position.
Mr Kunda said Dr Scott should vacate office so that the people who are qualified can take over the position.
“Our position as MMD is that Dr Scott does not qualify to hold office. We don’t want him to waste our time by taking him to court. He should vacate office as soon as possible before we hammer him with court cases.
“Why has he never been appointed by President Michael Sata to act as President? The reason is very simple. The man does not qualify to hold the office of the Vice-President,” he said.
Mr Kunda said the PF has a lot of qualified people who can take over Dr Scott’s position.
“Why is it that the Minister of Finance Alexander Chikwanda is the one who acts as President in President Sata’s absence, when Dr Scott is in the country? ” Mr Kunda said.
Mr Kunda has also charged that the recent constitution of commissions of inquiry by President Sata is a clear indication that the PF government will soon nationalise all the major former state-owned companies privatised by the former MMD government.
He said the commissions are a waste of tax payers’ money.
Mr Kunda said it is unfortunate that President Sata has continued to appoint commissions of inquiry to probe the sale of some former state-owned companies.
He alleged that all the commissions of inquiry have a predetermined outcome which will affect the country’s investment portfolio.
“Our worry is that there is no continuity in the governance of the country. When the PF came into office, they promised that there will be no disruption in the governance of the country. But now they have introduced the socialist way of governance.
“All these commissions of inquiry are predetermined. We are aware that after Zanaco, the PF government will move to the mines,” Mr Kunda said.
He urged the PF government to come up with clear and deliberate policies to enhance investor confidence.

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