Scott gate-crashes at Germany ambassador’s residence

There was a protocol fiasco last Monday when Ceremonial Vice President Guy Scot gate-crashed at a social event.

A government source has disclosed that the Vice President gate-crushed at a function to celebrate the unification of Germany and the fall of the Berlin Wall. Scott took all guests by surprise when he walked into the residence of the Germany Ambassador to Zambia while Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Deputy Minister Susan Kawandami was delivering her speech as Guest of Honour. Kawandami looked shocked when she saw the Vice President walk in.

“It was very embarrassing and it is a sign that there is no coordination in the PF government. The Deputy Minister was the Guest of Honour and I don’t know how Scot came in,” the source said. The source said later Scot sat in the corner and started drinking Whisky.

Last year, UPND leader Hakainde Hichilesa said Scott was the most stupid white man he has ever seen.

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