Scott, Masebo give Zawa board member 20,000 hectares land in Game management area

Scott, Masebo give Zawa board member 20,000 hectares land in Game management area

More scandals have been un-earthed at the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA).

This time Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo and Vice President Guy Scott have been accused by insiders of influencing the acquisition of huge tracks of land in a game management area by a Mr. Yunus Mitha a ZAWA board member and owner of Kavulamungu Transport.


Scott visiting Masebo at UTH

According to documents obtained by the Zambian Watchdog, Ceremonial Vice President Guy Scot and Ms. Masebo influenced the awarding of 20,000 hectares of land to Yunus Mitha in Nsefu area of South Luangwa National Park despite the Forestry Department in Chipata the provincial headquarters of Eastern Zambia rejecting the allocation.

Masebo and Scott are believed to have received huge sums of money from Younus Mitha to influence the procurement of the land.

It is no wonder that when Masebo was hospitalized on Wednesday, Guy Scott was at her bedside.

Further it is revealed that Yunus Mitha  through blessings from Guy Scot and Masebo managed to bribe a Mrs. Chinyama the Principal Forestry officer in Chipata, Sinyala Nyirongo, the ZAWA planning officer and Mr. Mathews Mushumbalume the Regional Manager for ZAWA in Mfuwe.

It is further revealed that the Office of the President and the Anti- Corruption Commission in Eastern province are aware of this but cannot act because Mitha has threatened them that he is well connected to President Sata.

Mitha Younus seems to  have made his money through suspicious deals involving land in Zambia

On June 26, 2003, Younus sold the land opposite Shroprite Wholesalers along Kafue Road to Kobil, then called Jovena,  For US$65,000.

But, apparently, these  same plots, stand number 20898 and 20899 were sold to another person Hassan Patel.

It took the lands tribunal chaired by Sebastian Zulu to rectify the problem.

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