Xavior Chungu in charge of Lungu team

By 11: 40 local time, acting president Guy Scott had not arrived at the Mulungushi University to kick-start the PF general conference fuelling fears that he may not attend. The conference is fully packed with Edgar Lungu supporters who have taken over the process.

And it has now been established that former OP director general in the Fredrick Chiluba regime Xavier Chungu is coordinating Lungu’s campaign and he is the one who has prescribed violence as a winning formula.

‘Chungu, using Willie Nsanda and Emmanuel Mwamba is in charge of the whole process and that is why you see all these are Chiluba tactics of using violent cadres like the famous Chawama incidence of the 90s,’ a source said.

According to sources, Chungu has assured Lungu that once he gets through the PF ‘small road hump’, the formula to rig at national level is already in place.

“They have already brought in some equipment from China to rig the national elections and Chungu is in charge of the operation,’ the source said.

At the conference, the atmosphere is intimidating for other contenders and non of the candidates has arrived except for Edgar Lungu.

A van carrying planks was intercepted at the gate around 11 hours and police were still trying to establish what purpose the planks are.

There are fears that due to intimidation and the atmosphere created by Chungu and Lungu, other candidates may not even go there, as there is a well-orchestrated plot to abuse them through Boeing and heckling.

Event though the accreditation was nullified yesterday, the Lungu team plans to just continue where they stopped yesterday.

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