Guy Scott returns to his roots

Ceremonial vice-president Guy Scott took time from the commonwealth games to seek his roots in Scotland, according to Scottish media.

Scott also commented on the issue of homosexuals saying Zambians would rather concentrate on poverty and other issues. He said it is an unreasonable expectation for anyone to think that Zambia can legalise homosexuality when ‘Scotland just introduced gay marriages a week ago.’

Dr Guy Scott was born in the Zambian city of Livingstone to Scottish parents hailing from Lanarkshire.

And now he has come to Glasgow to support Zambia’s Commonwealth Games team, and to find out about his Scottish roots.

He says he owes a lot to the work of David Livingstone, the Scottish explorer who forged links between Scotland and Africa.

“We were all brought up as white kids in Northern Rhodesia as admirers and hero-worshippers of Livingstone”, he said.

“You’d never have a white vice-president in a country like Zambia if it hadn’t been for the legacy of Livingstone.”

His family links to Scotland remain evident as a jam factory in Carluke run by relatives is still in operation today.
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