Scott says any opposition MP who causes bye-election by joining PF will be supported

Vice-president Guy the PF has decided to field Mr Masumba as their preferred candidate because it is the party’s principal that a person who creates a vacancy by way of resigning to join the party should be given the opportunity to get back his seat.

Scott said this when he addressed a rally in Mufumbwe to introduce Mr Masumba to the people of Mufumbwe just after Mr Masumba filed in his nomination papers today.

He said the party believes that they would rather lose an election and abide by its principals rather than win and break the principals.

DScott advised PF old members to support and harmonize with Mr Masumba together with other Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) members he moved with to the PF.

The Vice-President advised Masumba to work hard and not disappoint the electorates when he is sent back to parliament to represent them.

Speaking at the same occasion, Mr Masumba urged all those supporters he moved with from the MMD to work together with the government of the day if reasonable development is to be achieved.

The Mufumbwe Parliamentary seat fell vacant following the resignation of Mr Masumba from the MMD to join the ruling PF recently.

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has set November 8, this year as
by-election day for the Mufumbwe seat.

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