Scott says he does not have hotel bill for Malawi’s judge Chikopo

Sidelined vice-president Guy Scott Friday failed to disclose how much the government has spent on the upkeep of a Malawian Judge Lovemore Chikopa who has been in the country for over 2 months now.

Responding to MMD Kasempa MP Kabinga Mpande who in parliament wanted to know how much has so far been spent on Chikopa who was assigned by President Micheal Sata to chair the tribunal instituted to probe 3 suspended Zambian judges, Dr Scott was defensive in his response. Mpande also wanted to know what the judge was still doing in the country because the tribunal he is supposed to chair is still in a limbo.

But in response, Scott wondered how he could be in possession of hotel rate cards.

Dr Scott said “The Honourable Member, Mr Speaker Sir, surely knows that he’s blindsided me there. Would I come to this house with figures on how much it costs to keep a judge, accommodated and served in Lusaka? He should have given me some advance notice. I would have given him all the Kwachas and Ngwees spent.”

It is not known exactly when the Chikopa chaired tribunal will start its sittings although the Supreme Court has reserved August 28 as the date of hearing in a case in which the state has appealed against the High Court ruling which overturned President Micheal Sata’s decision to suspend High Court Judges Charles Kajimanga, Nigel Mutuna as well as Supreme Court judge Philip Musonda. The trio were suspended over the manner they handled among others the case involving The Post and JCN Limited.

[Source: The Independent Post]

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