Scott says won’t apologise for saying Lungu’s economics efforts only making whiskey cheap

Scott says won’t apologise for saying Lungu’s economics efforts only making whiskey cheap

lunguDR GUY Scott says he has no apology to make to the PF over his interpretation of the current economic conditions in the country.

Dr Scott, the former vice-president who also acted as Republican president after Michael Sata’s death, last week said President Edgar Lungu’s efforts to make the kwacha gain artificially by pumping more dollars on the market was only making whisky cheap.

He also said President Lungu’s recent press conference was meant to give the international community a false impression that he was making serious efforts to fix the economy.

Following his statement, PF chairman for media and publicity Frank Bwalya told Dr Scott to refute the story he had given to The Post or apologise to the ruling party.

But Dr Scott, the Lusaka Central PF member of parliament said there was nothing to retract or apologise about because his analysis of the country’s economy was based on facts.

“Retract the story for what? I say sorry to my own party? Say sorry for what? Oh come on, who is Fr Bwalya? He can’t belong anywhere. I can’t deal with people with no scruples. I have already explained it the way it needs to be explained. I am not explaining to the whole world. I was only expressing my opinion that, if you subsidise the dollar, then you are subsidising everything the dollars buy. If they don’t understand the story I gave, then I am sorry. I am not going to allow to be treated like a kid in kindergarten,” Dr Scott said.

He said he had already explained the context of his comments on the economy to President Lungu himself and wondered how Bwalya rushed to issue such a statement when the matter was beyond him.

“I have spoken to the President about it, I explained to the President. How many people am I going to speak to over that issue? What is Bwalya’s job? The matter has been settled because it was dealt with at a very high level, not at Bwalya’s level,” said Dr Scott.

Last week, Dr Scott said President Lungu was trying to subsidise the dollar to give a false impression to the voters that the kwacha was gaining value.

“The trouble with this kind of thing is trying to symbolically show seriousness without actually sticking to it and doing it. The difficulty is to evaluate these things…It is very dangerous that when you are approaching elections, the temptation is to artificially strengthen the kwacha so that it can look like things are alright. When you win the elections, you turn round and there is nothing left. It is all gone and now you start saying, ‘Can we borrow money’,” said Dr Scott.

“If you just try to subsidise the dollar, which is what you are doing when you are throwing money into the money markets like we are doing for the dollar to become cheap, the problem is you are subsidising all dollars, even dollars which are for whisky are subsidised. Even dollars which are for motor cars are subsidised.”


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