Scott threatens PF cadre, radio phoenix over racist remarks

A Lusaka PF Cadre, Rachel Chileshe was today  threatened with arrest by Acting President, Guy Scott.
Guy Scott also summoned Radio Phoenix Editor, Billy Kazoka threatening the station with closure for airing “racist content”.
Scott through his aide, Robert Kamalata also ordered that the station surrender the recording of the offensive news item.
George Chellah appears to have taken his threats approach to the Office of the Acting President.
Chileshe who issued a strong statement on Radio Phoenix on Tuesday likening Scott to Zambia’s first Chief Justice John James Skinner who cadres chased out of the Supreme Court Building in 1969.
Skinner, who was Zambia’s first Justice Minister and later Chief Justice.
Skinner resigned when he ruled in favour of Portuguese soldiers that Zambia had captured.
Skinner and fellow supreme court Judge Ivory Evans fled to Malawi after the incidence.
Rachel Chileshe threatened Scott on Radio Phoenix;”Scot will ran away like Skinner”.
On Wednesday 5th November 2014, Scott summoned Radio Phoenix Reporter Billy Kazoka and threatened the station for allegedly airing “racist content”.
Chileshe who is an ardent supporter of Sata has clashed with many government officials with George Chellah and Kaiser Zulu banning her entrance into State House.
Guy Scott has since surrendered the recording to Zambia Police and Chileshe might face arrest.

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