Scott threatens to arrest opponents, as Katema insists ‘Sata anointed Lungu’

Scott threatens to arrest opponents, as Katema insists ‘Sata anointed Lungu’

Acting President Dr. Guy Scott has threatened to unleash state police to arrest some party members who are supporting Central committee members with views different from his.

And minister of information and PF chaiperson for health Dr. Josepgh Katema has insists that deceased president Michael Sata had personally annointed PF secretary general edgar Lungu as his successor.

Dr. Scott said some members of the central committee had become a threat to public order and peace during to the countdown to the party presidential by election.

Dr. Scott has maintained that only the general conference comprising about 5,000 party officials will select a successor to the deceased President Michael Sata, contrary to secretary general Edgar Lungu who wants to use a short cut to endorse his candidature.

Dr. Scott has also appointed a team to handle the preparatory works for the general conference. The team members are PF Treasurer Emmanuel Chenda, deputy secretary general Bridget Atanga, Constitutional affairs chairperson Ngosa Simbyakula, Youth chairman Chishimba Kambwili and central committee member Anthony Kasolo. The team will is expected to present a report to the central committee which shall meet on 29th November and set the date for the general conference.

Meanwhile Dr. Katema told journalists in Lusaka that Sata refused to be evacuated until Edgar lungu was flown from Angola where he was for official duties so that he could be annointed as his successor. Dr. Katema said that after Lungu was presented to Sata, he was then annointed and given the instruments of power and later said that he could now be evacuated.

But some senior central committee members have dismiss ed Dr. Katema’s remarks, saying at the time of evacuation, Sata was in a very vegetative state and did not even know what was happening. It is not clear exactly under which circumstances Lungu got the instruments of power.

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