Scott reprimands Mpombo, expresses his love for watchdog

Ceremonial Vice-president Guy Scott has cautioned Zambian diplomatics against engaging themselves in partisan local Zambian politics.

Delivering a ministerial statement in parliament yesterday, following a point of order by Mwandi MP Micheal Kaingu on why George Mpombo, a civil servant was involving himself in politics, Dr. Scott said it was not the PF government policy to allow diplomats to engage themselves in partisan politics because they were civil servants.

George Mpombo is currently Zambia’s deputy High Commissioner in Nigeria and is in the country to answer to his court cases of issuing cheque that bounced.

Mr. Mpombo, who regularly travels back to Zambia to attend personal matters at tax-payers expense, was quoted by the PF Post newspaper saying the PF’s victory in the Mpongwe parliamentary by-election signalled a significant breakthrough for the party and a resounding demise for the MMD.

Mpombo also said Zambia’s problems cannot be solved on the streets of Johannesburg, and described the opposition political parties that held a briefing in South Africa as political amateurs whose careers would soon go kaput.
See story here.

Scott said government would severely reprimand Mr. Mpombo for breaking diplomatic etiquette and breaching the code of ethics.

And Scott told parliament that he was awakened on Wednesday morning to an essay on the tragedy of perceptions by Petauke MP Dora Siliya that appeared on the Zambiawatchdog.

Scott said he was impressed that many bloggers supported Ms. Siliya’s article and that the Watchdog provides an alternative news to the Zambian public. See the article here.

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