Scott, Kabimba, prevail over Masebo not to resign

Ceremonial Vice President Guy Scott and Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba yesterday prevailed over Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo not to resign. Contacts within PF have revealed that, after receiving a letter from former Tourism Minister William Harrington, Masebo offered to resign from her government position but Scott and Kabimba drove to Masebo’s residence and convinced her not to because it was going to a big blow to government especially that Kabimba refused to step down despite facing a similar tribunal.
“Sylvia resigned yesterday after receiving the letter from Harrington but the Veep (Vice President) and SG (Secretary General) drove to her place and prevailed over her. She has been complaining that she actually feels used and abandoned.

The ZAWA saga was not of her own making but the Vice President is also involved. That is why even the Wife sits on one of the board committees.Guy Scott called Edwin Matokwane the former ZAWA Director General before Masebo dismissed him” the source said.
Masebo will on Tuesday next week start appearing before the tribunal headed by Acting Supreme Court Justice Roydah Kaoma to answer to charges of misconduct for the way she fired ZAWA employees. She is also facing charges of unilaterally making decisions that needed the boards consent.
Yesterday William Harrington in letter addressed to Masebo and copied to Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda and President Michael Sata asked the Tourism Minister to step down in order to pave way for the smooth deliberations of the tribunal because some of the potential witnesses will come from the Ministry of Tourism.

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