Scott’s feeble defence of Sata’s hibernation

By Nason Msoni
Hello comrades, Scott should stop diminishing the importance and significance of international engagement to justify the failure by President Michael Sata to attend and participate in international conferences.
It is shocking that any right thinking person can willfully choose to malign and diminish the importance and significance of the US-Africa summit that was held recently in Washington DC.
It was without doubt a most high profile gathering and a momentous and historical event bringing countless “proper fit” heads of state and government from the length and breadth of Africa. It is prudent for this government to help fix the mess at state house than resorting to rubbishing important international engagement purely to save face for the incapacitated Zambian President. Lately important guests out-of-shame have just ended-up meeting the first lady of Zambia as if she has anything to do the business of running government instead of meeting the actual head of state.
It is shameful that instead of yapping unreasonably scott is better advised to keep quiet as the guided statement underestimating the significance and importance of the US-Africa summit is clearly offensive to the host and has the potential effect of causing unnecessary diplomatic spat with the US government. We are sick and tired of getting sick and tired of listening to foolish and silly lame excuses why the incapacitated Zambian President fails to turn-up where he is normally expected like all his other regional peers. Save Zambia the embarrassments just tell the man to step-down!!! Simple.

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