Scott’s wife says comments on well-known internet news sites disgusting

Scott’s wife says comments on well-known  internet news sites disgusting

scootVice-President Guy Scott’s wife, Charlotte, says there is a dangerous and  unfortunate culture of hate speech and viciously anti-women debate emerging in  Zambia’s political and civic discourse.
Speaking at the occasion where Kankasa  was honoured with the so-called  Mama Julia Chikamoneka Award by the Press Freedom
Committee of The Post in Lusaka on Saturday night, Charlotte said there was too  much hate speech on social media and directed towards women.

Charlotte  said the tendency was fuelled and facilitated by the anonymity offered by social  media.

She said comments made on women leaders on some of the well-known  internet news sites in particular were routinely disgusting, outrageous and
“We can say that these abusive tirades are unZambian, but let me  assure you that this content is unacceptable in any society,” she
Charlotte said she read through the comments on one named website made  on some women which made her physically sick.

She said it was delightful to learn of the conviction of former UPND national youth chairman Joe Kalusa,  who threatened and verbally abused FDD president Edith Nawakwi.

She said the  country would not stand by and allow women to be kept away from their public,  political and civic duties through bullying, harassment and humiliation.

Charlotte feared that the levels of social warfare, the falling social respect, unity and cohesion were creating social divisions that
could harm the peace of the country, and further urged political leaders whose  supporters engaged in abusing and harassing women to condemn hate

Charlotte, who was the guest of honour at the event, said the  nation must ensure that the difference between violence and strength is
reflected in everything they do.

She said Mama Kankasa, Mama Julia  Chikamoneka and other recipients of the award shaped a nation in which all were  held equal in rights and dignity, worthy of respect, opportunity and capacity to  contribute to national development. Charlotte said she was a great admirer of  women leaders in political and public life.

Editor’s comment:

We urge you Mrs. Scott not to take your frustrations of losing to or sharing your husband with Effie Mpande on us. It is your husband’s behavior which is routinely disgusting. If you want to know what hate speech is , pick a copy of the newspaper which was fetching you and read on what they call the editorial. But we think you are basically a good person who has found herself  in a wrong camp and married to a fool.

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