SDA church worried with tribal politics

THE Seventh Day Adventist Church (SDA) has challenged leaders to desist from engaging using tribal remarks in the church.
Zambia Union Conference (ZAUC) Executive Secretary Bednigo Ndatoya said there was need for church leaders to stop being tribal in church.
He was speaking during the official opening of a two-day SDA 9th Copperbelt Zambia Field Session  who’s theme is “Lift up Jesus” and being held at Kitwe College of Education (KCE).
Pastor Ndatoya said that it was sad many church leaders were embracing tribalism at the expense of the word of God and national development.
He said tribalism would not take the church and the country anywhere because it was retrogressive.
Pastor Ndatoya said that God died for all regardless of one’s tribe, hence the need for the church to embrace love and harmony as opposed to tribalism.
He said leaders should humble themselves and wait upon God’s timing to lift them, because God does not consider tribe when he wants to elevate someone.
“It is important that you church leaders should work with one another in one accord if the Copperbelt Field is to move forward. Just humble yourself and work as tools that God wants to use,” he said.
Pastor Ndatoya urged the church to put away their differences and live with one love as by so doing members would live in harmony.
And in-coming Copperbelt Field Session president Daniel Chunga commended outgoing president Pastor Webster Chabe for the great works he did to bring the field to where it was today.
Pastor Chunga said that the Copperbelt Field Session was meeting to deliberate on the future of the Church in God’s business and choose new leaders for the field.
He was hopeful that as they deliberate, members would not peruse  their own inclination but lift that of the church.
Pastor Ndatoya said there was need to push the agenda of lifting Jesus up.

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