SDA deacons beat suspected thief on Sabbath

SDA deacons beat suspected thief on Sabbath

The man beaten by elders on Sabbath

SOME Seventh Day Adventist Church deacons in Lusaka last Saturday abandoned their faith and instead pounced on a suspected thief who was found trying to steal a side mirror from a parked vehicle belonging to a church member.
A Supreme Timers Staffer Lydia Mudenda, who was at the scene, reports that a deacon of Lusaka Central SDA church for some unknown reasons decided to leave the church service and started to wander around and about.
She reports that as the deacon was wandering about, waiting for the church service to end so that he can go home, he saw a suspicious looking man loitering near the car park.
In the recent past, there have been complaints from church members that they found their side mirrors and other valuables stolen from the vehicles especially Toyota Corolla.

“I saw this thief (pointing at the lynched man) loitering in the car park, so I decided to monitor him. Upon realizing that I was monitoring him, he pretended to have gone away. I also pretended to have gone to church” the deacon was heard boasting to his associate after the incident.
Mudenda reports that when the deacon went into the church to inform another deacon that there was a man planning to steal some valuables from the vehicles in the car park.
She reports that as the two deacons went to check on the situation in the car park, they found the man stealing the side mirror from a vehicle belonging to a church member.
The two deacons then tactfully pounced on the man before that started beating him ruthlessly.
She reports that other church deacons also come out from church to join in beating the suspected thief before some onlookers joined in.
The Church service however remained uninterrupted.
Efforts to get a comment from church Pastor Clement Imolo proved futile by press time.

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