Sean Tembo Observes strange happenings in his life

Sean Tembo Observes strange happenings in his life

By Sean E. Tembo – PeP President

1. Let me start by saying that am not a superstitious person. I neither believe in witchcraft nor conspiracy theories. But the events of the past few weeks have left me thinking deeply. It all started about a month ago. I had a break in at my place. By the way, l live in the farms down in Ngwerere off Great North road. Of course the levels of petty crime are on the upscale in my area given the high number of youth that are out of jobs and who need to feed, one way or the other. So a break in is nothing out of the ordinary. Everyone of my neighbors gets one, every now and then.

2. However, there was something peculiar about the break in that happened at my place about a month ago. Actually, not something but some things. The first thing that l found peculiar was that the robbers decided to steal a locked front steel door and literally got it out of its hinges and went away with it, leaving the frame behind. If you know the steel door that am talking about, you’d realize that it is sold with an accompanying door frame and it is literally useless without a frame, unless someone wants to use it as scrap metal. Anyway, the robbers went away with the front steel door plus a battery for the Genset.

3. The matter was reported the following day at Ngwerere Police Station because of course l wanted to be able to claim insurance. The police have not reverted so far regarding progress made in terms of this investigation. I must say that it was nagging my mind how robbers can make such great effort only to steel a front steel door. I kind of suspected that perhaps one of my foes was trying to send a message.

4. As part of my efforts to try and get to the bottom of this matter, l tried to review CCTV footage of the area in question and realized that there was no footage available for that particular period. So l brought in some expert friends to try and determine why there was no footage available for the period in question. I was advised that my CCTV security system had been jammed for that period! I was told that the jamming technology used was a state of the art new development that was new on the market and very pricey too. This kind of added to my suspicions about the motive for the break in. But as someone who neither believes in conspiracy theories nor witchcraft, l brushed the matter aside. But of course, l took a number of security precautionary measures, including the installation of hidden silent alarms all round the premises.

5. After enjoying relative peace and quite for over a month, at about 03:25am last night, my phone rang and it was one of the security alarms around the premises that had been activated. I checked the sector in question and immediately headed there. My security guards asked me what was wrong, but l told them that everything was fine and l was merely doing a routine patrol of the premises. For a moment, l could not hear or see any noise and was almost thinking that some stray dogs had activated the motion sensors, when l saw the tail lights of a car on the south-western part of the farm. At 03:25am, you don’t expect to see any car tail lights! So l immediately started walking towards that direction, and l had badly walked 20 meters when l head clear sounds of a commotion. I approached as cautiously as l could.

6. I then saw a man, light in complexion, trying to scale the fence into my premises. I fingered that he was not a clear and present threat to me at that time, so l decided to fire in the air. Two shots in quick succession. The man dropped back and immediately ran. I decided to chase after him through the grass in the farm. He continued running towards the car whose tail lights l had earlier observed. I kept chasing him. He was actually not able to run that fast and if l wanted, l could have swept his feet, but l decided not to.

7. After running for about 300 meters across the farm, he reached the car that had been waiting for him. He quickly jumped in the backseat and the car immediately drove off. I could have fired into the car, but l figured that there was no justification for doing so, so l just watched as it skidded off. However, l could not help but notice that the car was a top of the range Toyota Landcruiser VX wagon, possibly 2018 model!

8. I walked back to home and brushed off questions about what the shots fired were all about. I did not want to alarm anyone. But throughout the day today, my mind was thinking about the incident last night and how it may be connected to the incident of a month ago when a front steel door was stolen under unclear circumstances. After work, madam kept asking me what’s on my mind and why l didn’t want to share. Of course l didn’t want to alarm her, so l simply brushed her questions aside.

9. Which comes down to the question of why am sharing this with the world. Well, as l introspected during the day, l figured that it might be better for the world to know about the events of last night as well as a month ago. Just in case something happens, people may be able to read such an occurrence in its proper perspective if they have the background that l have provided.

10. As earlier indicated, am personally not a superstitious person. I neither believe in conspiracy theories nor witchcraft. But in case the events of last night and a month ago are connected, and just in case there is anyone out there who intends to occasion harm on either myself or my family, for one reason or the other, I would like that person to know that l will be ready and waiting for them. But it’s quite possible that there is no one intending to occasion harm on me or my family out there. It is possible that thieves are now driving top of the range VX Landcruisers just to go and steal a Genset battery and a steel door for scrap metal.


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