Search for GBM intensifies, as Frank Bwalya tells off American government

Police search for UPND vice president Geoffrey Mwamba has continued. 


Story tale: After making up mind to plant some materials to fabricate charges against GBM and HH, police drive to his premises along Luanshya rd and stay guard for hours then shamefully leave the scene at about 17:00hrs.

18:00hrs: Police return to GBM’s premises again after being blasted by Lungu. Now with instructions to forcibly enter and pick the items planted by the state. They do it at 18:30 hrs.

19:00hrs: They are instructed to now go and arrest GBM so that he spends tonight in police cells, a convoy of five private vehicles is despatched to his Kabulonga  residence. By 20:30 hrs the convoy gets into Leopards hill road, fully loaded with fuel from tax payers’ money. After reaching the house they knock at the gate and start begging the security guard to enter premises.

21:00hrs: Still outside and now want to forcibly enter the premises. They are 26 in total, four in uniform and 12 in plain clothes. The officers are upset with Lungu for using them like puppets while he is gambling and drinking whisky with Mumbi Phiri but then they are under instructions to find GBM and arrest him, a person of such huge stature must be easy to find!!

21:30: Two more police vehicles  arrive at the scene and after conferring with the earlier team they decide to drive towards Woodlands police station and park their vehicles.

The search is likely to continue as they will come around midnight but as usual some under cover agents have been positioned to monitor the premises.

Meanwhile PF deputy spokesperson Frank Bwalya, of course with authority from Lungu had this posted on his Facebook page of 2nd March 2016…

The biggest infrastructure, in fact I shouldn’t say “the biggest” but simply “the big” infrastructure the Americans have built in Zambia is their own embassy building. Looking at this from the perspective of  cooking we can say the food the Americans cooked in Zambia was eaten by themselves. But the best meals the Chinese have been preparing in Zambia  have been for our people. So the Americans have done nothing for us? No. The point is that their big investment in Zambia is their own embassy. So what? Nothing! Just stating a fact.

End of episode 1




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