Second response to ‘Proud’ Musamba Mwamba

In the last article, we partially responded to Proud Aushi Musamba’s rubbish articles on our work.

This time, we wish to tell Aushi whose real name is Musamba Mwamba and her sympathisers that there is nothing new about what she posted. Those documents are the basis the PF government arrested three Journalists late last year linking them to this site.
We know those documents are from the Office of the President Special Division. We know the person who has custody of those documents. It is Mr. Liwanga an Office of the President operative based at Zambia Information, Communication and Technology Authority (ZICTA) Head Office.

Mr. Liwanga is supervised by Mr. Mofya Chisala Director of Corporate Services at ZICTA a known PF cadre.

The purported face book communication was created by the Office of the President. That information was the basis for blocking of the Zambian Watchdog on July 9,2013 after the Chinese Government gave the combined team of OP, ZICTA, Zambia Police and the Drug Enforcement Commission US $ 4 million to curtail the Watchdog. Almost half of that money was chewed by the bosses of these organisations including Stella Libongani who is currently building a big Mansion in Chalala. That is ZWD Money.

We know Musamba as a PF cadre who worked very closely with Panji Kaunda, Frank Bwalya and Peter Sinkamba under the People’s Pact and the PF and all the problems it has brought on the people of Zambia, Musamba is part of it.
Surprisingly, the London based Zambian prostitute decides to bring in very innocent people in her quest to build the free falling image of the PF.

We are ware that Musamba has created a Website that she hopes can compete with us but with the sole purpose of promoting the Presidential ambitions of former Defense Minister Geofrey Bwalya Mwamba. We have no problem with that. Competition is healthy. Where we have problem with Musamba is stopping us from criticising the government.

Stopping us from giving checks and balances in a country were the opposition is very weak because they can not be allowed to mingle with the public freely. Stopping us from highlighting issues were party Cadres are plundering financial resources in broad day light at the Roads Development Agency. Stopping us from disclosing that the President is sick. That we shall not allow and we are giving a timely warning to Musamba and the Director General at OP Mr. Martin Mwanambale that we shall not be cowed down.

That fake information Musamba is flashing around could not have been released to the former girlfriend to late Kennedy Sakeni without the express permission of the Director General of OP. We have said it before and will say it again that we are on top of things we know who has what information, where that information is stored and so forth. What Musamba has just done is to confirm one story that we have been pursuing for some time now. The story of the Bemba dominance. We may sound very tribal here but this is a fact. Musamba and her cronies believe that Zambia should always be presided over by a Bemba speaking President. We may not like Wynter Kabimba but this is the problem he is facing in the PF.

We have bad news for Musamba. The political weather is showing very bad signs. Let her ask her sponsor GBM and if GBM tells the truth, she will be told the truth.
Where is GBM today? Who is covering GBM court and police cases today?

Is it not this same site he threatened to shut down when he was Minister of Defense? Who is covering Rupiah Banda today? Surely can a sane person accuse Rupiah Banda of financing this site? Should it be a sin to be Tonga? President Sata was given print outs of all financial dealings for Hakainde Hichilema by the same OP that gave Musamba the fake information and there is nowhere it shows he finances this site. Since Musamba is very close to the current establishment, we ask her to call Mr. Francis Chalabesa the Principal Private Secretary at State House who is responsible for the Presidential Confidential Registry to pull out a blue folder marked Zambian watchdog (SECRET) in Red and find out what the combined team of Zambian Intelligence Officers and Chinese Intelligence Officers reported. This Site is managed from very scarce resources by a team of dedicated Journalists who practise a rare type of journalism. We are not Newsroom Journalists. Wallen Simwaka works for Daily Nation, Obert Simwanza is an AFP Correspondent and we do not even know Clever Mutinta. This Site is for the Voiceless and the marginalised and not the elite like Musamba.
We will give Musamba time to reflect with her financier GBM over the long weekend on whether she and GBM can win the battle with this site even with the OP on their side. We meet after the long weekend. By the way, why has Musamba all of the sudden differed with Sunday Chanda of Open Society Foundation? Could it be over GBM’s money? Enjoy the long weekend.

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