Secret registration of Prisoner voters backfires as fire sweeps through Mpima prison

Convicts at Mpima prison in Kabwe were last night sent into panic when a section of the prison was gutted, some prisoners are feared dead while others suffocated due to smoke. The victims have been taken to Mukobeko maximum prison clinic where they are being treated.

The prison has since been sealed off from members of the public as efforts to relocate the prisoners are being made. The operation is being conducted secretly to avoid blame on the government but some relatives of convicts have started flocking the prison to establish the status of their relatives. They are however being turned away.

The fire is believed to have started from the kitchen after some appliances were left on when some prisoners’ food was being prepared late because at the time of feeding they were out being secretly registered.

Yesterday, we exposed a scam where some prisoners were secretly being registered so as to vote for the PF next year. Indeed some were taken for registration and returned very late, hence the late preparation of their food.

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