Secret Society exposed Part 1

Xavier was introduced to Chiluba as Sata’s boy and a custodian of the secret service.
Just like Xavier’s biography which is blotted with a lot of elusiveness. Sata says that he was in England working as a sweeper and a train driver at the same train station. To cut the story short, Sata is only mentioned in Zambian history in 1985 when he became a governor.
Sata was born somewhere in 1937. The date and month are not even known. Meaning that in 1964 he was 27 years old while his best friend Fred Mumembe (11 March 1959) was barely 5 years old. In 1985 Sata was 48 when he became a Lusaka governor after 21 years of UNIP rule. What secret activities Sata was carrying out for 21 years before he was rewarded with the position of Lusaka governor.
There is a secret society that controls the leadership of this country since independence. The agents of the secret society are not only the OP special division but to a greater extent some famous Zambian families.
In the following section we have given highlights how the secret society operates;
1.     Simon Kapwepwe was born on 12 April 1922. He was sacrificed a few days after the first quarter of the year, on the 26th day of January 1980. He was just 58 years old. Kapwepwe made a U-turn on the secret oath but it was too late. Once you join the secret society there is no turning back. To water down Kapwepwe’s premeditated murder, his daughters have been rewarded with scholarships and positions in key government institutions. Assuming that Kapwepwe resurrected he would be a very sad man to see how his hit men have deceived his children.
2.     Later on, the KK 11 (Zambia National Soccer Team) would be sacrificed on the 27th day of April 1993 barely a few days after the first quarter of the year and just a few hours before KK’s birthday (28 April 1924) when he would turn 69 years. Could the numbers for the DOB, DOD, dates, months and years with 6, 7 and 8 be a mere coincidence?
3.     Gibson Chigaga was sacrificed in the first quarter of 1991 by the secret society. He was a Zambian lawyer and politician. Chigaga died suddenly in March 1991 after breaking the oath by leaking key financial and economic information to the then opposition party (MMD).
4.     Ronald Siame Penza. On the 6th day of November 1998, former Finance Minister Ronald Penza was murdered shortly after being fired by ChilubaPenza broke the oath, he started investigating the Zamtrop account behind Chiluba’sback. When Xavier Chungu learnt about the investigations, Penza died. Edith Nawakwi was FTJ’s girl, she said nothing concerning the Zamtrop account when she was still Finance Minister not until being demoted. Wait a minute. Does Edith only find a voice after being used as a useful idiot and then dumped? Not too long ago, she has again found a voice after being dumped by Sata.
5.     On the 4th day of November in 1999 just a month before the first quarter of the year, Wezi Kaunda was sacrificed by the secret society at the age of 47. Surprisingly, KK and the rest of his sons are now buddies of the hit men. How would Wezi feel assuming that he resurrected from the dead?
6.     Baldwin Nkumbula was sacrificed on 27 August 1995 at the age of 36. Mark the “26 and 27th”. He died in a car accident when the Mercedes he was driving overturned en route to Ndola from Kitwe. However, the car accident was staged by the hit men. The reality is that Baldwin died before his body was bundled in the mangled car. If Castro was involved in the actual accident. Why was he rushed to South Africa for fake treat and when he returned he was not made as a key witness?
7.     Levy Patrick Mwanawasa was sacrificed at the age of 60 a few days before the famous 26, 27 and 28 the days of illuminate. On the 8th day of December 1991 just a few days before the first quarter of the year, Mwanawasa was involved in a serious traffic accident in which his aide died on the spot. 10 years later in 2001, Mwanawasa would break the oath after being hand-picked, but he would be defeated by the secret society.  The question is why does Patrick be-friend his late father’s hit men including the columnists who wrote derogatory remarks about Levy before he gave them an airline deal?
8.     Frederick Jacob Titus Chiluba was born on 30 April, 1943 a difference of 2 days with KK’s birthday. FTJ broke the oath by declaring Zambia a Christian nation but thereafter, he surrounded himself with mafias. The secret society would later on persecute him but after that he would repent and lose his life at the age of 68 years in about 10 days on 18th day of June 2011 just a few days before the sacrifice dates.
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