Secretly recruited soldiers to pass soon


While more than 200000 youths who applied in Defense in September last year are waiting for Defense to release the names of of the few successful applicants, relatives of Kambwili and other senior Government officials are already training & their PASS OUT will be very soon.

Government decided to recruit secretly so that people do not find out that the names on the list which was leaked by Zambian Watchdog and the names of successful applicants are the same. Normally, names of successful applicants are published in Zambia Daily Mail but this time around Government thought about how shameful it would be for people to learn that Zambian Watchdog broke into the Army Commander’s office while he was asleep & stole the list.

PF should tell the youths who are hopelessly waiting for names to come out that they have already recruited & pass out will be in March this year so that youths stop waiting for nothing.
My advice to Government is desist from advertising Defense recruitment to the General public because its money & time wasting for youths who do not have relatives who are Ministers & Officers. We all know the kind of Nepotism which takes place in Defense so stop giving our jobless youths false hope. Next time there is Defense recruitment, advertise it internally so that Officers & Ministers bring there children unlike making youths without connections in Defense waste money on ink, plain paper, envelop, Certification and stamp.


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