Security raids on Chainda, Copperbelt meant to identify terrorrists hired by Kabimba

10603813_1651561281736380_285170691863109558_o 10604675_1651561988402976_1121993568835045748_oThe recent security operation in Lusaka and the Copperbelt was meant to arrest terrorists brought in the country by Wynter Kabimba to help him attain and sustain power.

Senior security officials have briefed the Watchdog that the security of the country could be compromised. Contacts in the Security revealed that the operations were authorised by the Joint Defence and Security Command, which has since taken over making crucial presidential decisions due to the mental incapacity of president Sata. President Michael Sata has not been seen in public or heard say anything for close to 60 days now.

During the past week, Zambian security and defence personnel picked 608 Somalis, Ugandans and Egyptians for screening. But the main targets were Somalis and some Kenyans. A similar operation was conducted in Chainda, a slum in Lusaka where 136 prohibited immigrants were detained.

While these raids are masked as normal raids to flush out prohibited immigrants and the detection of other illegal activities such as drug trafficking, forging of documents of identity cards etc, the true objective is kept a top secret.

Senior security officials have now told the ZWD that the operations were actually led by the Zambia Military Intelligence due to the nature of what the threat is.

The Office of the President, special division (OP), the Immigration Department, Zambia Police and Drug Enforcement Commission were all part of the operation.

According to security contacts, the battle to succeed ailing president Michael Sata may result in national chaos as the people who want to succeed him will stop at nothing.

Sources say Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba is one such person who will do anything to make sure he takes over from Sata at all costs and has since hired and brought in the country terrorists from a named terrorist network in East Africa to help him become next president.

When Sata was evacuated to Israel in June, Kabimba imposed himself as acting president and it was at that time that Kabimba realised he needed extra and ‘special’ backing to sustain the presidency. When Kabimba was acting president, he received massive resistance from within the PF and entire country.

It is believed that at this time he imported terrorists and most some came in as hairdressers.

‘There are a lot of illegal immigrants from Zimbabwe and Congo DRC. So why do you think only people from Somalia and East Africa were targeted, don’t you know that is where terrorists operate from?’ One source said adding that ‘when they want to arrest illegal immigrants from Zim, they only go for sex workers.’

Defence minister Edgar Lungu, who seems to be favoured by the Defence and Security Command, was recently in Western Province to check on the security status because it is believed that some of the terrorist entered through the Angolan Border.

Sources say there is enough evidence to link Kabimba to the terrorists but he is too powerful and everybody in government is afraid him.

‘Even commanders fear Kabimba, so we are just trying to go for the terrorists themselves but the big man can not be touched’, said another source.

Kabimba is a very good friend of Sudanese President Omar al Bashir. Bashir is wanted by the International Criminal Court for crimes against Humanity. Bashir is said to be funding terrorists in East Africa.

Kabimba himself two months ago confessed that as PF secretary General, he smuggled into Zambia foreigners to help the PF win elections in 2011.

Somalis who were picked up during the midnight raid from their homes were taken to Musa Kasonka stadium for screening.

Zambia Immigration public relations officer Namati Nshinka said a total of 608 Somalis, Ugandans and Egyptians were picked up and screened.

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