Security tightens at the Kabwe Constitution Convention following exposure

Security has been tightened at the Central province constitution convention taking place at Kabwe’s Misuku lodge and all freelance cameramen and journalists have been denied access to the convention hall following an exposure of delegates leaving the convention after lunch and allowances that was carried on the watchdog on Wednesday.
A check at the hall found policemen screening all the delegates entering the hall as cameramen.
The cameramen complained of continued harrassment from sate policemen, saying they are being denied chance to make some money from the event.
“We were invited by some of the delegates who would like to take pictures during the meetings but we have been denied access following the article that was on watchdog, but it is not our desire that we are here, the delegates themselves invited us,” complained a cameraman who stood hopelessly by the entrance.
Members of the technical committee drafting the constitution present asked policemen to send away all cameramen accusing them of leaking pictures and other information to the media.
One named uniformed policeman and another one in plain clothes physically approached a Journalist Wilson Pondamali and ordered him to leave the premises.
The plain clothed officer threatened to arrest Pondamali who never looked shaken by the utterances, he also described the reporter’s story on the watchdog as ‘rubbish’.
The convention was scheduled to end on Friday but has been extended to Saturday, meaning the delegates lodging in Kabwe will only check out on Sunday.

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