Security wings not happy with recruiting Chinese in Zambia police

Security wings not happy with recruiting Chinese in Zambia police

There is a silent protest in the Zambia security
wings over the appointment of Chinese nationals as senior police reserve officers.

The constitution of Zambia states that only a Zambian citizen can serve in the defence and security. Even Zambians who have dual (two) nationalities are not allowed to serve in the Zambia police. See attached.

Meanwhile, the Watchdog has established that almost all the first batch of 8 Chinese that have been enlisted in the Zambia police are linked to various crimes including the illegal trading of Mukula tree.

‘No internal security vetting (screening) was done on the 8 Chinese appointed. One of them is linked to the fugitive chinese ATM fraudstar (Mr David) who disappeared after being given bail in Zambian court. The Chinese reserve police (Mr Shu) is also linked to the Mukula tree trade and Has been in the forefront of setting his friends into police traps and getting their properties later shared by police. He runs a big questionable garage in Lusaka,” police intelligence have told the Watchdog.

A different source from another security wing also said the eight Chinese Nationals inducted in the Zambia Police are major Mukula Tree exporters and want to use their Police involvement to export the Mukula tree.

” Those are the major Mukula exporters. They want to cut off their fellow Chinese nationals from the deal. They will be reporting other Mukula dealers to the Police meanwhile them will be doing it freely , the source said.

The source said two of the eight Zambia China Police Officers are linked to a Chinese company called Sikale Furnitures along the Kabwe road in Lusaka who are the main timber exporters in Zambia.

Zambia Police Officers have been escorting their trucks up to Katima Mulilo border but now they have their own,” the source said.

Yesterday the PIG (Police Inspector General) Kakoma Kanganja recruited eight Chinese Nationals as senior Police Officers.

In January 2017, the PIG banned police officers from marrying foreigners noting that the trend compromised national security. We are not sure if the PIG now thinks the Chinese can not compromise national security. That is PF for you. Government made simple.

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