Seer1 killed Caristo Chitanfya

Seer1 killed Caristo Chitanfya

I escaped initiation at Seer1’s house last year when we went to look for fame and money. Caristo was among the 5 of us that went to Seer1 at his home in ibex to look for money and fame.

Before Seer1 came of to attend to us, a young lady led us to a room and within 20 minutes a big snake emerged from no where, I was scared and nearly ran away but my friends encouraged me.

2 minutes later Seer1 came into the room and knelt down to the snake and greeted the snake and ordered us to greet that snake calling it godfather. Regular followers of Seer1 can agree with me that Seer1 usually mention godfather instead of God or Jesus in his church or postings.

After we left his house we were told to come back seven days later to collect rings from godfather for fame and money of which I refused to go but Caristo went with 3 other guys.

Boom, Caristo became rich together with other guys after collecting the rings, several times I approached Caristo to go for deliverance and denounce Seer1 but he insisted that he got what he wanted.

Today Seer1 has sacrificed Caristo.

Two weeks ago on his Facebook page Prophet Anointed CFM, Seer1 posted some pictures of him worshipping godfather in a river and since then disappeared from Facebook which is quite unusual, I told my friends that this guy is about to sacrifice a person and today Caristo is sacrificed.

Seer1 has killed Caristo exactly the same way and fashion he killed Prophet Emmanuel Nyirongo few years back. Emmanuel was initiated, boom he became rich and famous but was killed few years later, Could it be a coincidence that these guys were close to Seer1 and died exactly the same way.

For records, I met Seer1 in the year 2009 and I know how evil this guy is and I know how easily he kills.

Young men run away from quick money and fame.

Though Seer1 is no longer in Zambia bu zeet he managed to initiate alot of young men

In the pictures are Caristo and Seer1, then Emmanuel Nyirongo and Seer1.

Rip Caristo

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