Segregated Northwestern province has unqualified staff, forms own empowerment committee

North-Western province Permanent Secretary, Augustine Seyuba has exposed a scam where unqualified junior members of staff  are handling serious labour matters at the provincial labour office in Solwezi and the move has angered him.

And due to continued sidelining in empowerment projects, North-Western provincial administration has established an own empowerment committee that will be sensitizing the people in the province about various government empowerment programmes.

The visibly annoyed PS said he is not going to tolerate unauthorized and unqualified people to be addressing serious labour matters which should be ably handled by competent qualified senior labour officers.

Mr Seyuba has since appealed to the Labour Commissioner to quickly send a qualified Senior Labour officer to the station to be handling such serious labour matters  as they cannot be  addressed by unqualified junior members of staff and added that with the amount of huge developments going on in Solwezi, the labour office cannot be manned without a senior and qualified labour officer.

Meanwhile, the provincial PS says his office has realized that most people in the province were not benefitting from various government programmes and funds due to lack of information, hence the formation of an empowerment committee.

He disclosed this in an interview with the media in Solwezi today just after he conducted an impromptu tour of government departments housed at National Pension Scheme Authority building, saying the responsibility of the empowerment committee will be to give information to the people so that they are made aware of what kind of support is available from government.

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