Sejani, others granted bail after a month

Sejani, others granted bail after a month


CHOMA – 22/04/21

The choma magistrate Court has granted a K10,000 and two working sureties bail to Ackson Sejani and four others who had been in police detention for 32 days contrary to the laws of Zambia.

The five which include Ackson Sejani, Fines Malambo, Vincent Lilanda,Javan Simoloka and Veronica Mukuni are jointly charged for the offence of abduction.

When the matter came up before Magistrate Mupemo Phiri,all the accused pleaded not guilty to the charge of abduction.

Counsel for the accused Cornelius Mweetwa of Muleza Mwiimbu and Associates then applied for bail as the charge was bailable while the accused are of fixed abode and are respected members of society.

The five are expected to walk to be released later in the day after all bail conditions are fulfilled.


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  • comment-avatar

    We are living in the days of colonialism this is not the Zambia I used to enjoy
    Anyway come August please let us scrutinise these manifestos some are promising better days to come why not now when they are in so how long should we wait before August 12 2021 why have they failed to improve our lives now and that we should wait for better days to come
    Hey come on fellow citizens let’s think out side the box
    Ndine kamuzingeni

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    Citizen 2 weeks ago

    It only happens in Zambia! I have never seen a country where politicians tell the police who and when to arrest a person?

    1. In normal countries, the police decide to arrest an individual according to the law, not according to a directive from a politician.
    2. My thoughts- we need to relook at our laws again to curb the abuse. Our laws state that a person must not be detained for more than 48hrs without charge.
    A person in position of authority, who detains another person for unreasonable period must be made answerable, individually. Otherwise, people in position of authority are knowingly abusing the law to torture their perceived enemies, because they know they will always go Scott free. Very annoying!

  • comment-avatar
    musonda 2 weeks ago

    Its sad…but record all these atrocities being committed by Kampyongo so that when time comes those responsible will be prosecuted…you put someone in jail without proper proof that thes men committed a crime…Time…Time KampYongo…Pray to God you rig the elections