Selective load -shedding by ZESCO


I am a resident of Chalala (Rock field) residential area behind Arthur Wina Basic School in Lusaka. This letter aims at expressing my disgust at the rampant load- shedding we have been subjected to by ZESCO and the manner in which it is being done.

While I do appreciate the rationale behind load-shedding, my worry is based on the extremity of the exercise in my locality. The load-shedding I am witnessing in my area is just abnormal- it is at times arbitrary and done with impunity.

What is more annoying is the fact that there are some residential areas within Lusaka that receive preferential treatment with regard to load- shedding. Some people I have interacted with have claimed that in their residential areas, load- shedding is rarely experienced.

ZESCO please be fair in the way you are administering load-shedding. It is not possible for everyone to be a resident of these favored areas.


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