Selling 35% of government media will change nothing

There is no need for government to retain 65 per cent of shares in the currently controlled government media.

In fact, there is no justifiable reason for government to continue owning and controlling the media. Government should control government.

The announcement by Vice-president Guy Scott in parliament that his regime will offload 35 percent shares from Daily and Times of Zambia to the public is just another sham from the PF.

Even if they were to actually do that, it will not change the status quo. When you own 51 per cent shares in a company, you are actually the owner. You are called ‘controlling shareholder.’ You control everything in that company.

And the government wants to retain 65 per cent.

It seems the PF just wants to hoodwink the public. They want to be seen to be committed to the promises they made during campaigns. So far they have broken all the important ones.

The most nonsensical one of course was that they will developZambiain 90 days. We are only remaining with a few days but the country is even poorer than it was before President Michael Sata and his cronies were in the opposition. There is just no hope under the current dinosaurs. It shall be hot air after hot air issuing from State house like we have been subjected to since September 20.

What about the question of dealing with the Chinese? Sata is now telling us to blame ourselves.

Is there anything that Sata is doing differently from what Rupiah Banda was doing when it comes to the Chinese invasion of our country? Look who is defending the rampant abuse of our miners by the Chinese as documented by Human Rights Watch?

And what of windfall tax on our mines, have you observed how they now speak in tongues when referring to windfall tax?

We will be watching what that great, Grandpa Alexander Chikwanda will say on Friday when he presents the budget.

We hope he remembers which year this one is? At this point in time, it should have been Chikwanda’s grandson or daughter presenting a budget to parliament. These old men are stuck in the 1960s.

Look at you president Sata and the things he is doing like renaming airports. These things should have been done just afterIndependence40 years ago.

Selling 35 per cent in the public media is a mockery. What force will the minority shareholders have in that arrangement?

The majority shareholder, government, will continue appointing editors and thereby controlling the editorial direction.

Given Lubinda will continue giving jobs to PF cadres like he did two weeks ago.

In fact, given the nepotism that is characterising the PF government, we can expect that the new shareholders will be branches and stems of the family tree.

If these sakalonyongos want us to take them seriously, let them free the public media. Let them completely privatise the media, or at least let them sale 51 per cent. That way, we will be sure that they will not be calling the shots. Right now, the pronouncement is just noise as usual.

When Sata said he will reduce the size of cabinet, we thought he will scrap the ministry of information. That ministry serves no purpose at all apart from draining national coffers.

But we know the people runningZambia. They are not sincere. They change statements the way prostitutes change mates.

Tomorrow they can say we never said we will sale 35 per cent. They can say we said we will share.

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