Senanga MP advises Kabimba on his tribal politics

Acting president Wynter Kabimba has been advised to put aside the issue of tribal politics if he is to polish his leadership and understand politics fully.

UPND Senanga Member of Parliament Likando Mufalali has observed that every time Mr. Kabimba has difficulties in achieving what he wants he complains and blames it on somebody.

Acting president Kabimba was in Western province over the weekend where he decided to promote tribal politics at a traditional ceremony. According to the Post newspaper, Kabimba told people of Western province not to blame other tribes for their misery.

But Mr. Mufalali says it would be beneficial if Kabimba concentrates on building his image professionally rather than issuing complaints that are not worthy talking about any more.

The Senanga Law Maker said the people of Zambia need a Leader who has the Economic knowhow to manage the country.

He said that the people of Zambia also need a Leader who is going to create jobs that are required so much by the youths and building up the confidence investors had before in the Nation so as to allow foreign direct investments to start flowing.

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