Send ZWD articles to your friends’ emails

The PF regime is determined to block news websites in Zambia especially the Zambian Watchdog. So far, this site is completely blocked from inside Zambia.

But we shall not and we shall never allow the PF zombies to take away our birthrights to communicate and receive information. The PF can use tax-payers money to stifle and suppress free speech; but they can only try. In the end, the ordinary people will emerge victorious.

As we work on having the site accessible in Zambia; and since the site is accessible outside Zambia, you can email the articles to your friends in PDF format.

At the end of each article, you will find an option that says ‘send article as PDF’. Just enter the email of person you want to send to then hit the ‘send’ button.

You can also access the same articles in full on our Facebook

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