Sending ministers to explain subsidy removal is waste of money – UPND

UNITED Party for National Development (UPND) Chairman for Labour Percy Chanda has said the exercise of sending ministers out to go and explain government decision of removing subsidies on fuel and maize was another careless  spending of national resources, which would just increase government  expenditure further

Mr Chanda has since urged Zambians to ignore Patriotic Front (PF) ministers and their explanations on  the removal of subsidies on fuel and maize because explanations would  not bring food in the homes of the majority hunger stricken Zambians.
The former Kankoyo PF MP was reacting to media reports where President Michael Sata was  quoted instructing his ministers to go out and explain to the people on  why the PF Government had removed subsidies on fuel and maize.
Mr Chanda said Zambians should not waste time listening to the lies of PF  ministers on the removal of subsidies on fuel and maize, but should  spend that time looking for food for themselves.
He said the ministers who have been sent to explain the  removal of subsidies on fuel and maize would be using free fuel, free  lodging and other hefty allowances whilst Zambians were wallowing in  hunger.
“These ministers who have been sent to explain to the people the removal of  subsidies, they will be using free fuel, free lodging and on top of  that, they will be paid hefty allowances at the expense of the poor  Zambians.  Such is another careless spending of national resources which would just increase government expenditure further.
“Hunger has no any other explanation, apart from food on the table. What good  is there, after listening to these PF liars, then you go back home and  find no food. So it is better for Zambians to ignore these PF liars and their  explanations and go out to look for food for themselves,” Mr Chanda  said.
Mr Chanda wondered why the PF government was not explaining to the people  the effect of the subsidies on the poor, saying there was no amount of  sugar-coating, intimidation that would change the reality that the PF  government was bent on killing the poor in the country so that it  remained with the few rich ones.
“You cannot introduce such a harsh measure in a country where the  unemployment levels is close to 80 per cent. You are simply killing the poor. Even those who are working will be turned into destitutes as they will not afford the cost of living from their meagre earnings.
“Malnutrition will not only be for children, but for adults as well because people to eat a balanced diet,” He said.

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