Senior chief Mwamba succumbs to Sata’s threats, promised ‘big’ appointment

Following the continued attacks from ailing dictator Michael Sata, dethroned Senior Chief Mwamba of the Bemba people in Kasama, Henry Kanyanta Sosala has apologized to ailing dictator Michael Sata and has since thanked the head of state for support rendered to him.

On Monday, the Bemba Royal Establishment denounced Sata’s action of dethroning the traditional leader and at their meeting at Ludo lodge resolved that they continued to hold him as senior chief Mwamba and acting Paramount Chief Chitimukulu, a move which angered state house further leading the head of state to issue a threatening statement yesterday made available by Sata’s mouth piece George Chella.

Chief Mwamba said he regrets his actions which may have distracted the President from attending to other important national duties. He however did not elaborate which actions he meant in his apology.

He added that he has whole-heartedly accepted President Sata’s decision to de-gazette him as Senior Chief Mwamba of the Bemba speaking people of Kasama, in a dramatic U-turn to the resolutions of the Bemba royal establishment that he was duly appointed to the throne.

This is according to a press statement signed by Mr Sosala and made available to ZANIS in Kasama today but sources close to State house have told the Zambian Watchdog that State house sent emmisaries to the Bemba chiefs to withdraw their denounciation to save Sata from embarrasment and that Sata will secretly appoint Sosala into foreign service as pay back.
“The fact that it came from the Bemba chiefs and they had a point, shook the whole state house and they feared that this would set a precedence on other chiefs to denounce the head of state, so Sosal was called upon to relinquish his position and apologise to the President, but he will be rewarded may be with a foreign appointment or an appointment to some parastatal board secretly, as you may know the chief is well educated,” said the source, who is also close to the B.R.E.

And Sosala announced his decision to completely vacate the throne of Senior Chief Mwamba and revealed that he is making arrangements to relocate from Kasama town to another place which he did not mention.

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