Senior cops receiving bribes from maize smugglers

I am a police officer based at Chipata central police and what has been happening recently concerning the maize operations been conducted by zambia police and zns is that there is a cartel of senior police officers and zns officer who are taking monies from business men invloved in the illegal export of maize and its products. just last week a group of Junior police officers who camped at mwami border and mubungundu area without proper accommodation and adequate rations to conduct these duties managed and impounded a truck belonging to one Javani a business man carrying mealie mael destined for Malawi where a re 25 kg bag is fetching k230, and the said was brought to chipata police pending appearance before courts. however what shocked all officers is that truck was released with instructions from the police commissioner Mr. Chilufya and the p.s for eastern chanda kasolo who were given a k20,000=00 bribe by the said business man popularly known as javani here i eastern province. And the saddening part is that junior officers are been used to conduct such operations while senior ranked officers who include the commissioner, D.C.I.O, a group of officers from C.I.D and P.I.O end up getting bribes from these big pocketed business men, its only those traders who have no connection to these highly racked characters at chipata police who been made to face the law head on. Please air our views as junior police officers in the service we are been used by these morally corrupted individuals who have no heart and love for mother Zambia only to enrich them selves . please let information be known to the general public because we are tired of the an ethical happenings in the civil service and more especially in the defense and security wings.
More to follow, from concerned officer.

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