Senior managers, Dora Siliya gutted Zesco poles

Senior managers, Dora Siliya gutted Zesco poles

A security report has indicated that the fire that gutted over 2000 Zesco poles at a storage centre in Kabwe was initiated by senior managers close to energy minister Dora Siliya to destroy incriminating evidence that could have landed Siliya and some PF stalwarts into problems.

“The poles were not even 2,000 but less than that but were part of a tender that was corruptly awarded to someone close to Dora Siliya and had some tags of the company so the only way was to burn them before they are used,” reads page 18 of the 30 paged security report accessed by the Watchdog.

On Saturday 4th June, Kabwe was chocked with smoke from the poles stored near Mulungushi textiles as the fire that could not be quenched completely burnt the four heaps of the poles. This was after workers were deployed to do a fire guard at the site. An official police report said that 2,000 poles valued at K4m were gutted.

But the security report, on page 23 states that about 04:00hrs of the fateful day, some people were hired to pour 200 litres of petrol and kerosene on the Poles and surrounding areas, and that one of the workers doing the fire guard was paid to ignite the fire.

The report made available to the office of the President (OP), statehouse and police top brass is being treated as a very confidential and classified document.

And typical of PF mentality, some innocent people will be sacrificed by indiscriminate dismissals while the main beneficiaries go scot free.

In her political life, Siliya has always had stinking scandals in every ministry she heads starting from the national airports scandal to her attempt to sell government owned schools, and now Zesco poles.

Poles burn in Kabwe last week, picture courtesy of State house

Poles burn in Kabwe last week




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