Senior MMD members feel betrayed by Mutati, disown him

Senior MMD members feel betrayed by Mutati, disown him

Felix Mutati has betrayedScreen Shot 2015-12-05 at 10.55.00 the trust of the MMD/UPND alliance members, who had “nominated” him as their leader during the January 2015 Presidential elections.

Mutati without any internal consultation went ahead and announced that he is more than willing to accept the Presidency of MMD, and that all the alliance members in the 2016 elections will stand on MMD ticket.

Sources within the MMD led alliance are writhing with contempt on the unilateral decisions Mutati has been making.

Furthermore, Mutati and his close associates have been meeting RB, who has become a go in-between with Mutati and Edgar Lungu.

Their game plan is to wait for the new Constitution to go through Parliament, in particular the running mate clause.

Once enacted, RB on behalf of Mutati wants to engage Edgar Lungu to offer the Vice Presidency to Mutati.

That is why Mutati voted with PF for the Constitutional amendments.

The thinking is that Inonge Wina has been used and now must be dumped as she cannot deliver Western Province, but is believed that Mutati can deliver the Northern region and regain traction in Copperbelt region, where currently Lungu is very weak.

Mutati is generally known within the inner circles of MMD, as someone who can talk very well, but little on action.

This was true for all to see when the MMD in January at their NEC meetings who tried to oust Nevers Mumba always had a lot to say in smaller groupings, but little during the NEC meetings.

As our MMD source said “Mutati is always looking for an easy way out, but wants to claim leadership”. He prefers others to talk on his behalf and remain to show as if he is trying to mediate. “A very shallow person” said a senior member of MMD.

Mutati’s betrayal of the MMD alliance members is simply because of his blind ambition to become a Presidential candidate, but reality has dawned on him that as a MMD Presidential candidate the chances of his success is negligible, and knows that if he supports HH, he will to wait for 10 years, while with Edgar Lungu he has to wait only 5 years.

With Mutati it not about principle, but ambition and greed. This suits Mutati very well, as he knows Lungu is on very weak ground and he perceives that Lungu needs him more than the other way round.

However Mutati and RB’s manoeuvres is against the background of discussions Nevers Mumba and Edgar Lungu have been having to form an alliance.

Mutati’s unilateral, but unsupported announcement of his desire to become the President of MMD, has rattled Nevers Mumba and put the cat among pigeons.

This leaves Edgar Lungu in a better negotiating position with MMD, as Mutati has the backing of financier RB.

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