Senior police grabs docket of stolen Benz, BMW

For almost five years, a docket involving two vehicles reported to
police as stolen has been missing.
Yusuf Ismael reported to Woodlands police five years ago that his BMW
and a 300SL Benz were stolen by known people.
Woodlands police arrested the suspects and for sometime, the vehicles
were packed at Woodlands police station. The police were preparing to
take the case to court when suddenly a senior police officer from
police headquarters intervened.
The senior officer, named only as Inspector Nzo grabbed the docket which
contained the charges of theft.
The suspects were released and vehicles given to the suspect.
No explanation was given to junior police officers or to the
Since then, various officers stationed at Woodlands police have been
trying to retrieve the docket and reopen the case. But the senior
officers at headquarters have refused to give back the docket.
But the complainant in the case, Ismael is shocked that the case has
died like that without even been taken to to court and his cars given
to the suspects.
He complains that the suspects presented to police forged documents
pertaining to ownership but that he is still hoping that one day the
police will help him retrieve his cars.
Ismael maintains that he still have all the original documents that
prove that the cars are his but without a docket, the police at
Woodlands can’t do anything.
“I have all the documents. Th Bill of lading is the main document and
I have the original invoice” said Ismael. Ismael explains that the
people who stole his car tried to change the documents using tippex.

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