Senior Police officer beats up whistle-blower

Monze  Police officer In-charge Kingwel Lwano on Saturday beat up a white local businessman after reporting him to his superiors for abuse of office.
According to Police sources at Monze Central Police station, Lwana beat up the proprietor and owner of Mukuwa milling Company of Monze in broad day light.

Lwano is already under investigation for another crime of collecting over K50 million from three Namibian suspects in March this year.

The latest incident happened after a Whiteman only identified as Mukuwa expressed displeasure in the manner the vehicle which was funded and purchased from the Constituency Development Fund through community mobilization was being used by Lwano.
The source said Mukuwa met the district officer command Roston Yeyenga and complained that the Officer In-Charge had failed to live up to the condition attached to the use of the vehicle.
According to sources the main condition was that the Vehicle must be used for patrols and investigations of criminal matters and any police related trails or duties.
The sources revealed that Lwano has been using the Vehicle in question a Nisan pick up white in colour for his own personal gains, a situation which has led to police officers expressing displeasure.
The source revealed that Lwano was called to explain allegations leveled against him but ended up roughing and beating up Mukuwa who was at the time at the Police station.
Mukuwa was only rescued by Yeyenga, Peter Mwila a station inspector and other officers from
the Office of the President.
And according to sources, Lwano was also bitter that Mukuwa had also reported him over the 500 thousand kwacha which he (Lwano) collected as a donation for the rehabilitation of police cells
some months ago, a job which has not yet been done.

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